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Published 2014-07-03 13:41

CARE India organizes a national seminar in partnership with UNICEF in Delhi.

The seminar aims at achieving recognition that systemic support and encouragement of equitable educational practices are key to breaking most social barrier, it also seeks to engage stakeholders from across the country in fruitful deliberations leading to a greater understanding of Teacher’s Role vis-a vis...

Published 2014-07-03 13:10

New Delhi: Jan 17: Their stories do not happen every day in India.

Savitri Amma of Tamil Nadu breaks her Irula community’s tradition of making a living catching snakes and rats and turns into an entrepreneur; polio-survivor Shikha Mondal of Gujarat dedicates herself to empower other women while 36-year-old Malati Pandit mobilises fellow women against alcoholism.

These stories of...