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Who We Are?

Bringing health services to
"the last mile"

Bihar is the third largest state in India, with a population of over 110 million. Despite recent gains, Bihar has some of the country's highest rates of maternal, neonatal, and infant mortality, as well as a high prevalence of malnutrition, stunted growth, and high fertility rates. Extreme poverty, gender and social inequality, low literacy rates, and early marriage further compound Bihar's poor health outcomes.

Despite progress and commitments from the Government of Bihar and active leadership of key stakeholders to improve health infrastructure and outcomes, deep-rooted problems limit the government's ability to affect lasting change. Persistent barriers include poor quality services, lack of availability and skills of frontline health workers (FLWs) and facility staff, limited accessibility of services by neglected and marginalized populations, lack of accurate data, and inadequate public health infrastructure.

Bringing health services to the last mile

The Bihar Technical Support Program is a partnership between CARE, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Government of Bihar, focused on reducing rates of maternal, newborn, and child mortality and malnutrition, and of improving immunization rates and reproductive health services statewide.

Working in close collaboration with the state government, the BTSP team is investing in sustainable improvements made through up-scaled initiatives, as well as addressing systematic issues by transforming institutions, organizational structures, enforcing regulations, and streamlining governance.