Rubina is the first in her village to send her daughter to school. “I was always interested in studying and definitely wanted to give my daughter an opportunity to study. People were against my decision, saying she will get spoilt and that nobody will guide her, but I took the plunge and later found that they do more than just guide!” she says with a big, warm smile. Rubina’s daughter, Daraksha Noori, was just 12 years old when she began her studies at KGBV Jarwal in Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh four years ago, and she is now completing her tenth grade studies at Mili Islamic School.

Support from Join My Village helped provide a new building for KGBV Jarwal which was conveniently located near Rubina and Darakasha’s home. “I was elated to find that the new building was to be so close by, but I didn’t sleep the first four nights once she was enrolled,” Rubina said. Daraksha agreed: “It was very tough leaving my parents when coming to KGBV for the first time; and now that I have left KGBV to continue my studies further I want to come back here again!”

Rubina, who lives in a community where girls are not educated, is a strong advocate for girls’ education. She made sure that others, including her brother’s daughter and two other girls, who had never been enrolled before were admitted. On the importance of education she says, “If you sit in front of four people you’ll have knowledge, so I always wanted to study. If a person has no knowledge, then he or she is no one.”

Rubina wants Daraksha to educate other children and become a teacher. She says, “The toughest time for me was when I had three small children; Daraksha was the eldest so she could have helped me but I wanted to give her a chance to study so I managed everything by myself.” Rubina’s other daughter, 11 year old Sumaya Noori, is in sixth grade at National Public School and has been given the opportunity to study ever since she started walking.

Rubina’s husband Mustakim studied till fifth grade, and very much wanted to continue his education but was not able to as he had to earn a living instead. So he sent his wife to school instead and she completed ninth grade at the age of 22.

Today, the family’s support of education continues and Rubina comes to KGBV regularly. She even helps the teachers with their stitching classes and says, “I make sure that there is nothing lacking for the students to learn stitching.” Rubina is supportive: “Once the neighbours found out that Daraksha receives vocational training also at school, they stopped taunting the family.”

At KGBV, Daraksha excelled in everything- studies, sports, sewing and more. The teachers say she was always very active and quick to learn. On asking how come all teachers are in praise of her she says in a matter-of-fact manner, “I used to do everything properly so everyone likes me.”


Posted By : Sankalpa Acharya
Location : Uttar Pradesh