What I love the best about CARE is its extremely considerate attitude towards its employees. Today, I would like to share with you one of my personal experiences which underlines the compassionate approach of the organization.

About a year back post the birth of my child, I had severe health problems and was hospitalized for about three months. The doctors advised me bed rest for at least another three months, so that I could fully recover and recoup at home. This was a very challenging time for me and my family. And, during this time the entire team of CARE stood with us like an extended family.

The massive support that I received from my peers and supervisors was truly amazing. The constant empathy from the management team and especially from my supervisor, all of whom genuinely rooted for me to join back office only when I was completely fit made me like CARE so much more. I know that this is not how most of the companies operate, they want their employees to just join office at the earliest, without caring whether the employee is well enough to carry on the work.

Other policies adopted by CARE India, like work from home and flexible work hours, were an immense relief to me and helped in giving me peace of mind. This was extremely important for me to recuperate completely. I am thankful to CARE for never giving me any stress but always providing the required support.

CARE India (SSD) truly encourages team-focused environment and puts strong emphasis on learning and development. In this organization, I have been presented with a lot of opportunities, so that I can develop and refine my skills and knowledge.

I feel extremely happy and delighted to be part of this great organization and look forward to the continuation of this association for many more years at CARE.

By: Dr. Navneet Kaur

Team Leader of the EMPHASIS Project,

CARE India