Rebati Barik is a 11 year old girl, she comes from a family of five siblings. They lost their mother at a very young age and in a short time lost their father also. Until the time her father was alive she was going to school and completed her third grade. Following the death of her father she was taken in by her uncle who subsequently placed her in the village teacher's house as a household help.

She worked as a house help for one year before deciding to leave the job and then moved back to her uncle’s house. Misfortune followed her here too and her aunt passed away. She later moved into her older sister’s house (who was married), where she enrolled into a school by her sister. The school administration referred her to Udaan to bridge the gap in her education. 

Loss of her parents at a young age and the subsequent hardships resulted in the girl losing all her confidence. She had the advantage of knowing Odia (official language) but could not open up or communicate in any manner to either her teacher or her friends in the Udaan Camp. She could not share her concerns with the teachers and during the initial days had no friends. The teachers took special interest in the girl and wanted to help her move out of her sadness. During the social gathering organised in Udaan, girls speak about their life, aspirations and experiences. When Rebati unveiled her unusually sad story she could no longer hold herself back and burst into tears. Teachers at Udaan, took special care of her and made her feel at ease.  Having found so many friends and such affectionate mother-figures, Rebati opened up and started loving Udaan.  

Every individual in this world is special in their own way and Rebati proved it for herself.  Rebati is a good painter and mathematics is her favourite subject.  She also enjoys playing Ludo and Badminton with her friends.  In her words – “I love the Morning Assembly at Udaan the most.  It makes me fresh and lively.  It also provides me ample opportunities to express my emotions and feelings.

Rebati  has since completed her course in Udaan and she has been mainstreamed in the Paikabas KGBV school situated in Samakhunta block, in class VI. She is enjoying studying in the school and has made many new friends.  All her elder sisters are married. She aspires to be a teacher in future. She said “I want to be a teacher in future and I would teach orphan children and poor children free of cost”. Rebati is quite an intelligent girl and shows interest in studies.  With support from her elder sister and the education system we wish her continued schooling.


Sangita Patra and Shashidhar Sabnavis