Javeriya Khatoon is one among the many smart students from a KGBV in the Bahraich district of Uttar Pradesh. After dropping out of school for a few years – Javeriya’s parents divorced and she moved with her mother – KGBV is a second chance for an education.

One day, Javeriya was walking by KGBV when she saw other girls of her age studying and playing and that evening she went home and told her mother that she wanted to join them. Today, she is studying in class 6th. Although she likes playing badminton and skipping rope, she loves studying the most. Javeriya told me that she is able to understand everything that is taught in class. Among all her teachers, the headmistress is her favourite since she not only teaches them well but also makes sure that they are happy. Seeing Javeriya, her younger brother is now begging to be sent to school so Javeriya helps by teaching him English whenever she goes home. While she is happy that she is able to continue her education and has good friends and teachers, she is worried that her father will not support her studying.

Leaving that worry behind her, she told me that her mother is happy about her education. Javeriya likes both educating and taking care of others. So she has narrowed her dreams down to becoming either a teacher or a doctor and she wants to learn as many new things as possible. In fact, her New Year’s resolution for 2016 is to learn how to use a computer.

Sharon Panackal