An enthusiastic young women participant is able to put forth her demands

Eyes sparkling with curiosity could be seen in young girls and boys who participated in the JOB MELA that was organized by CARE India in association with its partner NGO, ACDS in March 2016, in in Kelambakkam, Kancheepuram districts of Tamil Nadu. The participants were all within the age group 18-35 and many of them were college going girls who will complete under graduation by May 2016.

Through ‘Banking on Change’ project, CARE India had trained youth on Employability skills required for acquiring a job. And this Job Mela provided an opportunity to them to showcase those skills to prospective employers. We planned to invite around 200 youth and 12 Employers for the event, however, we were overwhelmed to see the response as 230 youth participants and 13 employers turned out for the event. There was a perfect mix of various organizations ranging from garments, shoe making, manufacturing to manpower consulting.

Various innovative methodologies were used to invite these young women and men, such as sending invitations to SHGs that were operating in the area, inserts with relevant messages were sent with newspapers, big banners carrying the message were displayed in market places, posters were displayed alongside the Kelambakkam highway, etcetera etcetera.

Profiles of youth were shared with the potential employers and their feedbacks were taken to shortlist the youth as per the requirement. Though there were a number of software companies present in the area, they were not invited for the first time, keeping in mind that these women in the SHGs would need further grooming before they enter organizations that require special skills and educational qualifications.

Finally, it was a celebration where youth was introduced to the prospective employers, to everyone’s surprise the event turned out to be a huge success, there were 76 instant selections for recruitment during the job mela. In addition to this, around 36 youth were asked to come directly to the companies for the second round of interview, and as many as 45 youth participants were told that they will be called for the next set of recruitment that would happen within next couple of months.

Youth waiting for their turn at the Job Mela

These ‘Job Melas’ are a boon to the youth, especially young women in rural areas who do not get such chances to meet with employers and secure a career of their choice within the preferred geographies.

Through the initiative CARE India has helped the youth by providing the opportunity for better jobs, giving hopes to a number of poor families.

Young girls listening what the Employers tell them



Posted By : Chandrika V