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  • Sustenance through Milk Collection Centre

    Sustenance through Milk Collection Centre

    In a bid to build leadership of women in the community, we facilitated the formation of a women’s Self-Help Group (SHG) in Salepur Sangadi village of Jambusar, Gujarat called Jai Swaminarayan Group. The members of this SHG belong to an erstwhile tribal community that migrated from the Sardar Sarovar Dam submergence area of Madhya Pradesh and rehabilitated here. W... Read More

  • Silage helped increasing income of SHG

    Silage helped increasing income of SHG

    Jai Bhatuji is one of the Self-Help Groups (SHG) of Dabha village, located in Jambusar, Gujarat, which has been developed and facilitated by CARE India. After an exposure visit to Zarola in Anand district, Gujarat, Jai Bhathuji SHG members decided to set up a demonstration of silage, until then an unknown term in that area. Silage, usually made from grass or other gre... Read More

  • Action 4 RED Campaign

    Action 4 RED Campaign

    Demystifying myths and empowering girls with knowledge When I had my periods, I used to rely on my peers help to me manage and prepare for the menstruation cycles. CARE India’s campaign helped me to improve my understanding of this natural process, so I am sharing key information with the younger girls in the community as ... Read More

  • Demystifying the taboo around menstruation

    Demystifying the taboo around menstruation

    A strong woman stands up for herself, a stronger woman stands up for others. Kiran’s story from Jirapur village, Dhar district, Madhya Pradesh When CARE India commenced its intervention under the Women + Water Programme, Kiran was chosen as the mobiliser as she was active and had good interaction and acceptance in the village. She lives in a small vil... Read More

  • Menstrual hygiene starts with awareness

    Menstrual hygiene starts with awareness

    Sima lives with her husband and two children, a five-year-old girl and a two-year-old boy, in Silfodkheda village, Dewas district, Madhya Pradesh. Her husband is a construction worker and provides for the family well. When CARE India initiated the P.A.C.E. (personal advancement and career enhancement) curriculum under the Women + Water programme in Sima’s village... Read More

  • World Book Day – Equipping the poor with libraries

    World Book Day – Equipping the poor with libraries

    Children attending public schools are often found to be incapable of reading and writing to a level which is appropriate to their age. The daunting challenge before the state government is how to improve reading and writing competency of children attending public schools. CARE is implementing Kanya Sampurna Project (KSP) in partnership with Titan Company Limited. O... Read More

  • Disaster Preparedness Saves Lives in Malawi

    Disaster Preparedness Saves Lives in Malawi

    In 2015, Jina Fungo and her family were completely surprised when a raging flood ripped through their village in the southern Malawi with no warning. They escaped in a canoe, managing to find safety upland. Jina’s husband made a desperate attempt to return to their village, Chilanga. “After dropping us off, he paddled back to try and save some of our belongings... Read More

  • Thousands flock to camps as homes are swept away by floods in Malawi

    Thousands flock to camps as homes are swept away by floods in Malawi

    Christina Fachi a mother of five arrived at Bitilinyu two weeks ago after her village in Kasume was flooded. She lost her two huts, a granary and some livestock. “Although I am glad to be alive, I feel empty as I have lost everything that I worked for years,” she says. “My whole life’s work was swept away by the floods. I will have to start again from noth... Read More

  • Women and Girls at Risk of Abuse in Camps

    Women and Girls at Risk of Abuse in Camps

    Mary* (not real name) escaped from floods in her village to seek refuge in a camp 20 kilometres from her village. Life in the camp hasn’t been easy. “I am always afraid to go to sleep,” she says. “Our tents don’t have doors so it’s easy for someone to just slip in and abuse you.” After a three-week dry spell, the heavens opened up with a ste... Read More

  • Spreading Smiles through Improved Cooking Stoves

    Spreading Smiles through Improved Cooking Stoves

    For Santoshi Bande, a smile on the face of her friends while cooking is more important than spending time leisurely. This is the reason she chose to motivate other women in her village to adopt improved cook stoves during her free time. 45 years old Santoshi Bande is a resident of Chitkwain Village of Jashpur district in Chhattisgarh. Her husband is a teacher in a pri... Read More

  • Creating Options and Inspiring Change

    Creating Options and Inspiring Change

    Basanti Tirkey is one of the beneficiaries of CARE India's Where the Rainfalls (WtRF project)and a member of Bharat Mata Self-Help Group (SHG). She along with her husband  is one of the practitioners of climate resilient and organic cultivation. They underwent a training and received exposure on better agricultural practices by local agriculture department. Basant... Read More

  • Information is Power

    Information is Power

    18 year old Gudiya Devi recently got married to Sunil Kumar and lives with her in-laws in Dobhi block, Gaya district, Bihar.   Marriage at a young age followed by an early pregnancy is a common trend in her village. After marriage, the couples do not use any modern method of contraception. Soon after her marriage she witnessed the death of a neighbour during childbi... Read More

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