1st May, 2015. Education is essential to climb up the economic and social ladder. It is a system through which our society imparts information and knowledge to children. This knowledge is essential to drive progress. When these educated children grow up, they will play an important role in our society. They will influence public decisions. They will inform government policies. They will become the drivers of economic and social growth. It is clear that education is a tool for collective social and economic advancement. At the same time, it is essential for individual success. It is through education that individuals tap into career opportunities. Education opens doors to a better life standard. It brings constructive meaning in life. It trains individuals to think critically, to make informed decisions and to act with sound conviction. In light of this, it is vital for a society to invest in educating its young ones.
It is here that we face a problem. UNESCO estimates that as many as1 million children of primary school age are not attending schools in India. It is a surprising statistic. But there is more to this story. More girls are out of school than boys.An educated mother is more likely to send her children to school – thus continuing the cycle of education and drive progress. Educated mothers are more aware of health needs of their children. Education helps girls divert away from problems of child marriage, poverty and malnutrition among many others. Education leads to empowerment. Empowerment in turn leads to social justice and economic success. Education is where the story of a girl is decided. 
The story of India post 1991 economic liberalisation has been a stellar one.Our economy has grown faster than most countries of the world. In the process we have brought millions out of poverty andeducated many of children. We can and need to do more. International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that India’s GDP will grow faster than China’s by 2016. We may soon become the fastest growing economy in the world. When we do climb to the top of the ladder, we will create many more jobs. Will we have enough trained girls who can participate in the new economy? Will have enough educated girls who will be an asset to our society? We cannot wait till later to find out. We have to take action now. More girls in schools is a part of the solution.

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Abhinav Kumar,
Communications Intern at CARE India


Abhinav Kumar