Building Innovators and Change Makers

Training adolescents living in marginalised communities in cognitive skills like inquiry, design, and computation, and 21st century skills like communication, STEM, and leadership, to prepare them for better life opportunities and bring equity for their communities.

CARE India’s Innovators and Change Makers programme emphasises on the development of three of the most important thinking skills – Inquiry, Design and Computation in adolescents, especially girls, coming from communities. The initiative aims to equip them with critical dispositions like social awareness, scientific temperament and 21st century skills to prepare them for better life opportunities (education and economic) and turn them into changemakers for their communities.

Our Approach


STEM Laboratories for Building Scientific Skills

Developing key ‘thinking skills’ like research, scientific reasoning and problem solving among adolescents, especially girls, from marginalised communities through the Teacher Resource Laboratory project (TRL) in Uttar Pradesh and Innovator’s Laboratory in Bengaluru. Equipped with experiential learning equipment, reference material, and digital devices, the laboratories serve as STEM learning centres for children and teachers. The project impacted more than 7,000 children and 200 educators in 2019-2020.

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Udaan – Providing 21st Century Skills to Girls

Employing a community based and school- based approach to equip adolescent girls from marginalised communities with the essential 21st century skills like leadership, communication. The project aims to empower these girls to negotiate for their rights and become decision makers. Special emphasis has been laid upon addressing the socio-emotional challenges arising during the covid-19 pandemic in our ongoing projects. Udaan projects have impacted more than 3,000 girls living in urban slums and remote villages.

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