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Help CARE India fight COVID - 19


CARE has responded to COVID-19 in its operational areas, with immediate relief and supporting livelihood recovery. Some of our immediate relief work includes:

  • Deployment of 1400+ team to support the Health Department, Government of Bihar in strategy and protocol development, IEC design, contact tracing, monitoring, lab and hospital strengthening, setting up isolation wards and procuring essential medical supplies
  • Supporting district administration, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh to provide food for 7,500 stranded migrants in shelter camps
  • Working with Hospitals to provide protection equipment in Cuddalore and Ponneri, Tamil Nadu
  • Support Health department in Bhilwara with PPEs for Health Care professionals in Rajasthan
  • Dry ration kits to impacted migrant population in Delhi NCR
  • PPEs and dry ration kits (covering 25,000 persons) in Pune and Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Dry ration and sanitary item kits for People Living with HIV/ AIDS in Odisha

We need to do much more to safeguard health and livelihoods for marginalized populations across India.

Please donate generously today to help us fight the impact of COVID 19, in India.

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