Run The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to “Save New Born Lives”

Run The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon to “Save New Born Lives”

About Airtel Delhi Half Marathon

The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) is one of the world’s most prestigious half marathon and is certified by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races). It is categorized within the fastest half marathon courses in the world. This year celebrates the 10th edition under the title sponsorship of Bharti Airtel and will witness participation of some of the best distance running athletes from across the world and within India. The participants will get the opportunity to run through the most historic and scenic roads of Delhi. The ADHM lends an opportunity for corporates and individuals to run for a cause of their cause. Worldwide, distance running events have gained importance as fund raising platforms. An event like this is a wonderful trigger to support a cause you care for since it symbolizes community spirit, melts all barriers and provides a unique platform for fund raising. Through ADHM 2016 we are looking at engaging with more and more people and making a social impact. Click the round button below

CARE India

Support our Campaign “Save New Born Lives”

Nearly 45,000 mothers die every year in India due to causes related to childbirth, which accounts for 17 per cent of such deaths globally. Mostly, these deaths are due to complications developed during childbirth, with heavy blood loss by hemorrhage, being a major factor.

Ancient social norms of early marriages, early pregnancies and repeated pregnancies due to preference for the male child, further increase the risk to the lives of mothers, making their health more vulnerable and increasing the risk of low birth weight babies or still births.

CARE India works towards ensuring

  • quality maternal and child healthcare in marginalised communities,
  • adopting a lifecycle approach to holistically address,
  • and help reduce maternal mortality rates

CARE India Approach
CARE India helps in building core capacity of front line workers (FLWs), infrastructure development and strengthening of health systems in different geographies with an objective of improving health of women and girls from marginalized communities. We work to build capacity, orient service providers and improve their knowledge and skills to ensure quality maternal health services.

Join us in our mission so that together we can help ensure safer deliveries.