Every Minute one person dies from Tuberculosis in India

Every Minute one person dies from Tuberculosis in India

India bears the highest burden of tuberculosis in the world, killing an estimated 480,000 Indians every year, which is more than 1,300 every day.

That is, almost one person dying every minute.

Widespread presence of TB in India is due to a combination of reasons:

• Poor primary health-care and infrastructure in rural areas
• Unregulated private health care
• HIV induced TB cases
• Lack of hygienic facilities
• Widespread malnourishment and poverty.

CARE India through the Axshya project is constantly working towards identifying Tuberculosis and Tuberculosis/HIV co-infection cases through home visits by Community Volunteers in 17 cities across 15 districts in affected states of Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand.

Post identification CARE works with the government ensuring free medication, advise on treatment, ensuring timely visits to Public Health Centres, intake of proper nutrition and adherence to treatment.

In last 6 years, Axshya project has identified 17,000 cases of people suffering from TB and ensured their proper treatment for a complete cure.

But many more need our help. We can’t do it alone.

Help us in creating a TB free India


  • INR 3000

    Support a malnourished TB patient complete her treatment

  • INR 6000

    Support 2 malnourished TB patients complete their treatment

  • INR 15000

    Support 5 malnourished TB patients complete their treatment

  • Other Amount

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Kindly note that the above examples are for descriptive purposes only. They illustrate the changes that your donation can make to the lives of entire families, including women and children. CARE India will allocate resources to areas where the need is the greatest. For any feedback on our fundraising efforts please contact donors@careindia.org