Like many homemakers in the city, millions of rural women who do not have a livelihood are unable to participate in household decision making and earn the respect of family members. Individual income adds to family income which is critical to overcoming poverty, and a more balanced sharing of power within the household.

In Jambusar district of Gujarat, the situation is no different.

CARE India is working with 1545 women across 40 villages through Self-Help Groups and local cooperatives to create entrepreneurs resulting in increased self-confidence and a steady source of income. Some of the key initiatives are:

  • Understanding best practices in agriculture and animal husbandry to increase yield and income
  • Training on financial aspects of running a business- savings, credit, overdraft, collateral
  • Gaining access to banks, financial institutions to avail loans
  • Knowledge on production, pricing, promotion and selling milk/agricultural produce in markets

Once totally dependent on their male counterpart for meeting their smallest financial needs, these rural women are now articulate, confident, financially literate and capable of supporting themselves and their families financially.

We are now looking to expand our work with over 15,000 women in the region.

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