Heavy rains, inundation, and floods have wreaked havoc in Kerala with the death toll rising to 370 lives and left millions displaced. More than eight lac people have been affected and taken shelter in rescue camps set up by the respective state governments as well as at their houses of relatives and friends.

CARE India has distributed hygiene, shelter and relief kits in Kalpetta block in Wayanad to over 8500 people from the scheduled tribe community. Relief is also being provided to 50,000 survivors in other blocks of Wayanad and Iddukki  with support from The Coca-Cola Foundation. So far we have distributed 800 family kits, 610 WASH kits and 731 Shelter kits in the region. 

Relief is being provided to all survivors with focus on women, girls, children, aged, disabled, and people with prolonged illnesses, who are the most vulnerable and have been the worst affected. Additionally, lactating mothers, pregnant women, menstruating women and girls who are bearing the double brunt of the crisis, are being given special attention.

The relief kits include tarpaulins, floor mats, mosquito nets, jerry cans, water purification tablets, blankets, sarees/blouse, towels, bathing and washing soaps, baby napkins, bucket with lid, draperies, zipped bag, sanitary napkins, sewing set and much more.

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