As the relief phase is over, and people are back to their homes, there is an urgent need to support the recovery of the flood-affected population from the impact of the recent floods.

CARE India has so far supported around 25,000 flood affected people with initial relief support of dry ration, emergency shelter along with water, sanitation and hygiene items across the 3 flood affected states of Assam, Bihar & Uttar Pradesh. Millions of affected people have now returned to their native places only to find their homes destroyed and disruption of essential facilities such as handpumps, toilets etc. but hopes are not shattered as they begin to rebuild their homes on their path to recovery.

The damage caused by the flood is immense in many areas and people are in dire need of support. With the recent floods, livelihood opportunities have decreased up to a very large extent.  A lot of work needs to go in to bring the life of people back on track.

We are now providing support towards the rehabilitation of people in Assam, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh by providing them with proper livelihood, shelter and access to proper sanitation and hygiene.

Going forward, our aim is to reach out to more than 60,000 flood survivors in these three severely affected states and provide them with rehabilitation support.

We need to reach out to families who have been devastated and lost their livelihoods. But we cannot do it alone. We URGENTLY need your support.

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