CARE India is a registered Section 8 company in India and a member of CARE confederation present in 100 countries, which works with the most marginalised women and girls to alleviate poverty and reduce social injustice through comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation.
Stories of Hope


  • Will we ever be able to read? Barriers for tribal girls in India

    Will we ever be able to read? Barriers for tribal girls in India

    India’s scheduled tribes, or Adivasis, are a historically excluded community, marginalized by their geographic isolation and their social, religious, linguistic, and cultural distinctiveness. Their powerlessness as a community is compounded by systematic barriers that prevent them from accessing their rights to opportunities and resources. Not surprisin... Read More

  • Social media is more than just games

    Social media is more than just games

    With the proliferation of internet on mobile devises, an unprecedented number of people find themselves connected online. In India, access to information and the internet has ballooned lately, largely influenced by some of the cheapest calling and data rates in the world. India has more than 960 million cell phone users, many of whom use smart phones. Increasingl... Read More

  • Nothing is impossible

    Nothing is impossible

    In April 2014, I visited the Bagda primary school of Mundra block in the Kutch district of Gujarat. After reaching the school, I went to the classes, along with the Head teacher and Deepak, who is the School Improvement Coordinator there. The School Improvement Coordinator (SIC) is a part of the K- Leap Project of CARE India, which initiated the English Language ... Read More

  • From competition to collaboration

    From competition to collaboration

    Classrooms nowadays are like combat zones in an ancient Roman Amphitheatre, wherein armed gladiators fight for their survival. In the modern era, children armed with books and tuitions are replaying this, as they combat for higher ranks. Learning is replaced by reproduction, fun repealed with anxiety and play time stripped away by special classes. In this scenari... Read More

  • Clap along if you know what happiness is to you…

    Clap along if you know what happiness is to you…

    March 20th marks International Day of Happiness  There is no way to escape Pharrell Williams and his “Happy” song lately. And why should we?  March 20th has been declared International Day of Happiness by the United Nations in 2012. Sounds crazy? Think again. In UN speech, this day serves to“recogn... Read More

  • Giving back to the community

    Giving back to the community

    Village Bautha is a very small village in District Hardoi of Uttar Pradesh with a population of just over 2,500 ; majority of them belonging to disadvantaged sections of the society. Even though the Primary school is located in the village itself, you can, during what would be the normal school hours, see the children sitting orderly under the shadow of... Read More

  • Every cloud has a silver lining

    Every cloud has a silver lining

    Rebati Barik is a 11 year old girl, she comes from a family of five siblings. They lost their mother at a very young age and in a short time lost their father also. Until the time her father was alive she was going to school and completed her third grade. Following the death of her father she was taken in by her uncle who subsequently placed her in the village te... Read More

  • A Milestone for Wasima and Udaan Mewat

    A Milestone for Wasima and Udaan Mewat

    Little Wasima Khan, age 11 with bright, sparkling brown eyes is by far one of the liveliest characters I’ve ever met. Filled with boundless energy, you’ll find her dashing from one corner to another at Udaan Mewat’s campus. Last November, Wasima, along with about a dozen other Udaan students took part in a day-long school fair where th... Read More

  • A Different Fate for Ektarjahan

    A Different Fate for Ektarjahan

    More than 70 percent of the Bahraich district in Uttar Pradesh, India lives below the poverty line – including KGBV student Ektarjahan and her family. On my visit to her school, which is supported by Join My Village, I met her mother Jahirul Nisa. Sadly, two of Jahirul’s sons died as teenagers and she carries this sadness with her to this da... Read More

  • Behind every successful student there is a teacher!

    Behind every successful student there is a teacher!

    Female literacy is a first step towards helping women in recognizing their potential, gain confidence, pursue opportunities, and escape poverty. Women with low literacy and functional skills are most likely to face marginalization. In India, millions of girls in rural areas are drop outs or are discontinued from schoo... Read More

  • Determined Sanvli’s Ambitions

    Determined Sanvli’s Ambitions

    4th May, 2015. Portraying a shy personality when she meets me for the first time, sixteen year old Sanvli Devi is actually a rather brave, confident young girl filled with determination and courage to stand up for her rights. Sanvli’s school is about 4 kilometres away from her village Richli (Andor... Read More

  • The Need to Address Girls’ Education

    The Need to Address Girls’ Education

    1st May, 2015. Education is essential to climb up the economic and social ladder. It is a system through which our society imparts information and knowledge to children. This knowledge is essential to drive progress. When these educated children grow up, they will play an important role in our society. They will influence public ... Read More

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