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  • Health is Wealth

    Health is Wealth

    Generating awareness on public health is my passion. I believe that for any society to be productive, it has to be healthy. It needs to be realised by all that effort and investment in public health is crucial for the attainment of UN millennium development goals and fulfilment of fundamental rights of a citizen. As a member of the CARE team, I feel a sense of pr... Read More

  • Mother’s milk is the best

    Mother’s milk is the best

    On July 3, 2015, Khusnuma Begum and Md. Adil of Satal Nihalbhag Nagar Panchayat of Bahadurganj Block in Kishanganj District, are blessed with a triplet in Bahadurganj Public Health Center (PHC). Bahadurganj is one of the areas, where AMANAT Karyakram (Mobile Nurse Mentoring Team) intervention, as part of skill strengthening process, is going on under the Bihar Te... Read More

  • Big data, big outcomes

    Big data, big outcomes

    Data plays a critical role in making informed decisions which lead to better health programs and better health outcomes. But when it comes to data and analytics of large public health programs, I have often seen a big divide between demand and delivery. By and large, by the time the required data and analysis is made available, the need for the information become... Read More

  • Story of three siblings fighting all odds…

    Story of three siblings fighting all odds…

    This story is about three young siblings-- Ram, Shyam and Bandana, all of whom were affected by MDR tuberculosis. Ram & Shyam are twins. The disease affected the teenagers one after another in quick succession to justify its contiguous nature.  While the disease spread fast and furiously like fire, the RNTCP team and CARE counselor wer... Read More

  • Fighting Malnutrition collectively

    Fighting Malnutrition collectively

    The story from the village is unbelievable. Rajnagar block is situated 50 kms from Chattarpur district headquarters. Khajuraho which is famous worldwide for its history, architecture and natural beauty comes within Rajnagar Block. While Rajnagar enjoys a great recognition for various reasons, Kurela, a village with population of ... Read More

  • A Counsellor, A Messenger, A Strong Leader

    A Counsellor, A Messenger, A Strong Leader

    Usha Verma is an Anganwadi worker (AWW) in Fatehpur block of Uttar Pradesh. As an Anganwadi worker, her role is to counsel the villagers and impart important health information on issues such as family planning, warning signs of possible health issues, breastfeeding, and newborn care. Usha also helps provide vaccinations for adolescent girls groups. Rec... Read More

  • Accurate data collection became a byproduct of service provision

    Accurate data collection became a byproduct of service provision

    Interactive and innovative mobile application for frontline health workers in Bihar, India – where accurate data collection became a byproduct of quality service provision  “When we started this journey of developing a comprehensive mHealth platform for the frontline health work... Read More

  • Impact of Factors Affecting the Performance of Public Health Workers

    Impact of Factors Affecting the Performance of Public Health Workers

    22nd May, 2015. CARE India has a strong portfolio of health projectsacross the states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh, primarily focussing on maternal and child health, adolescent health, malnutrition, tuberculosis and kala-azar. In early May 2015,CARE India organized a workshop for its ... Read More

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