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  • Bentiu blog: CARE’s mobile clinic treats people after months of conflict

    Bentiu blog: CARE’s mobile clinic treats people after months of conflict

    “I have just come back after a long day outside the UN Protection of Civilian Area (PoC) in Bentiu. In the past months, we as CARE and other organizations were limited to work inside the PoC, where tens of thousands of people have sought safety from the fighting. However, now that the fighting stopped, our team decided to work outside the UN camp because th... Read More

  • Community involvement in healthcare

    Community involvement in healthcare

    Kotshila is a backward village at the Noahatu Gram Panchayat in Jhalda-II block of Purulia district, West Bengal. In this village, the people are mostly engaged as agricultural laborers or are working in the local unorganised sector, such as the bidi (local cigarette) industry. People in Kotsila are extremely poor. It was noticed that they were not being ... Read More



    Petrapole is one of the areas where EMPHASIS intervention is being carried on. It is on the Indo-Bangladesh border, in the North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. It is a four hours’ drive from Kolkata and I reached there just before noon. On my way, I picked up one of our outreach workers, Anita. She has been working in the Petrapole & Bangaon field... Read More

  • A Community Comes Through

    A Community Comes Through

    Every once in a while during our work in JMV we come across situations where our personal and professional skills are tested. One such situation arose during a Mothers’ Group meeting in Amradevi village in the Sirauli Gauspur block of Barabanki. This is one of the 195 villages where the Maternal and Neonatal Health program of Join My Village is being implemente... Read More

  • Healthy mother equates to a healthy baby

    Healthy mother equates to a healthy baby

    ‘It’s normal Zeba! There is nothing to worry about!’ I was told this repeatedly in the last 4 months and I tried to believe that there was really nothing to worry about. It was four months since I had missed my periods and was hopefully looking forward to be a mother. Knowing of my pregnancy, everyone in the house was very happy. I was 20 years ... Read More

  • An whirlwind of excitement

    An whirlwind of excitement

    The initiative was to project the work done by ASHAs in general and share the ongoing innovations in Bihar, with regard to field level health workers. We were going to be a part of a program called “Swastha Bharat” (Healthy India), which was to be hosted by one of our members from CARE India, Amit Arora. This show, which is aired thrice a week at 7:30... Read More

  • CARE partners win the TB Champion Award 2013

    CARE partners win the TB Champion Award 2013

    India has the highest number of tuberculosis in the world, accounting for about a fifth of global incident cases per year. Patients’ not completing their treatment is a major obstacle in controlling this infectious disease. A common reason of patients discontinuing their treatment is the side-effects of the drug, which prevents them from working. The o... Read More

  • Health is Wealth

    Health is Wealth

    Generating awareness on public health is my passion. I believe that for any society to be productive, it has to be healthy. It needs to be realised by all that effort and investment in public health is crucial for the attainment of UN millennium development goals and fulfilment of fundamental rights of a citizen. As a member of the CARE team, I feel a sense of pr... Read More

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