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Focus Area

Ensure continued education for girls during COVID - 19. Community learning centers helping overcome the barriers to learning.

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CARE India is a non-profit organization. Your donation is eligible for tax exemption.

Financial Details

Permanent Account Number: AADCC3639H

80G Registation Number: NQ.DIT (E) I 2010-11/ DEL CE 22419 28022011/2595

Dated: 28/2/2011

Kindly note that the above examples are for descriptive purposes only. They indicate the impact that your donation can bring about in the lives of entire families, including women and children. CARE India will allocate resources to areas where the need is the greatest.

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CARE India is committed to protect the privacy of users of this website. The information received is kept confidential and is disclosed to such third parties as may be necessary to process the donation. View the complete Privacy Statement here.

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All rights, personal data and privacy are maintained by CARE India. No information or data is shared. All rights are secured and safe.

CARE India

CARE is a registered section 8 company in India and a member of CARE confederation present in 100 countries.

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Corporate and Registered Office

Module No. 411, 4th Floor, NSIC-MDBP Building
Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi – 110020 (INDIA)