National Sharing Workshop: Understanding Approaches and Principle to Address Literacy in Early Grades

National Sharing Workshop: Understanding Approaches and Principle to Address Literacy in Early Grades
Jan 18, 2019. Past

CARE India, with support of USAID, is organizing a National Sharing Workshop to discuss strategies and practice around literacy in early grades. The focus of the workshop will be to share and debate to support implementation of Samagra Shiksha guidelines with specific focus to early literacy.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To discuss issues, challenges and possible solutions related to early grade reading programming
  • To develop a plan for comprehensive programming around early literacy programming to support Samagra Shiksha

Sharing of Field Experience: In the workshop, CARE India, will share its learnings from four years of early literacy programming implemented in two states (Odisha and Uttar Pradesh).

Panel Discussion: The field experience will be followed by a panel discussion that will reflect on Samagra Shiksha, a holistic program which was launched by GoI in 2018 to ensure continuity of education across all age groups (Pre school to class 12secondary education) and proposed to have a strong convergence between different ministries. In the purview of Samagra Shiksha, there is a need to reflect critically and holistic to understand this scheme better especially in context of learning of children. Therefore, a distinguished and experienced panel will reflect on following questions:

1.       What kind of provisions and structural changes are required to address early literacy for all children?

2.       How does MHRD and MWCD aims to collaborate and create institutional partnership

3.       Is Samagra Shiksha truly a new scheme? What kind of new potential/programming is offered under this program?

Nature of Participants: MHRD, TSG, SMSA and SCERT functionaries from States, CSOs, Practitioners, Academia and UN

Format:  Presentations, panel and discussion


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