Donate for Flood Relief in Jammu & Kashmir

CARE India is the first relief organisation that has reached us, till date no one has come to provide any relief to us, we are thankful to all the members of CARE India”- Mr. Gayan Chand, Sarpanch, Androlla Panchayat, Rajouri. Jammu and Kashmir is facing the worst flood in decades. Major parts of Srinagar and southern Kashmir valley is still under water. Over 200,000 people from different parts of Jammu and Kashmir have been rescued. People are marooned in their houses, with no access to food or clean water. The situation in Jammu and Kashmir is still critical with vast tracts of land submerged, families displaced, lives lost and livelihoods wiped out. CARE India is distributing relief material to 5000 families in the districts of Rajouri in Jammu and Pulwama and Baramulla districts of Kashmir. Post distributing food and drinking water, CARE is now identifying affected families and distributing survival kits which consist of hygiene kits, tarpaulins, mats, blankets and solar lamps. In addition to survival kits, CARE India is also distributing delivery kits for pregnant women. As we move ahead with the immediate relief, plans are on the anvil for a longer term intervention through recovery and rehabilitation work, which will include livelihoods and shelter.

22-year-old Mohd. Kayyum of Giloti village in Manjakote block of Rajouri district is now living in the local school. He says, "We lost our house in the landslides caused by the torrential rainfall. My mother, two sisters and I had to take shelter in the local school as our house was destroyed. For now, we're somehow managing, but without any help, I don't know how we will survive this winter. It gets extremely cold here as we live at a higher altitude. Now the school authorities are asking us to vacate the school as they have to start teaching the children, but where do we go? We have no place left."

On visiting the Duslipura village of Baramulla district, Kashmir; Dr. Muhammad Musa, CEO, CARE India said “I saw many apple orchards and paddy fields completely washed out. Where the communities have come together in solidarity, I strongly feel there is much more to do given that winters’ are setting in. Loss of shelter along with livelihood options is an emerging concern and our teams need to work harder, and gear up to cater to this requirement.

There is an urgent need to reach out to many more affected families in Jammu& Kashmir NOW. Our resources are limited. We look forward to your generous support.


CARE has been responding to humanitarian emergencies in India for more than 60 years, including the Tsunami, Bhuj and J&K earthquakes, Uttarakhand floods and many more, on a yearly basis, providing relief and rehabilitation to those affected by such catastrophes.