Every pregnant woman hopes for a healthy baby and an uncomplicated pregnancy. However, Each year, 7 Lakh Newborns Die in India Within 28 days of Birth.

The latest government data on child health indicators shows that India’s Infant Mortality Rate (number of infants per 1,000 live births who died in the first year of their birth) is now at 39 per 1,000 live births. Three quarters of all newborn deaths occur in the first week of life

The vast majority of newborn deaths occur in marginalised communities where access to health care is low. Most of these newborns die at home, without skilled care that could greatly increase their chances for survival.

Bihar is one of India’s largest and poorest states with over 99 million people. Poor nutrition and poor health, particularly for women and children, lead to early deaths and generational cycles of lost potential.

CARE India’s is implementing Integrated Family Health Initiative (IFHI) in 38 districts in Bihar, works towards securing better maternal and child health in the marginalised communities. This project has directly impacting the lives of more than 40 million families.

Our work includes :-

  • Clinical mentoring of nurses and doctors at Public Health Centers (PHCs) to improve clinical management in intranatal, postnatal and contraceptive services.

  • Counseling families for birth and emergency preparedness (mother and newborn)

  • Quality management of routine deliveries at PHCs

  • Newborn care which includes providing healthcare support, routine immunization, identifying neonatal infections and guiding mothers on prevention strategies.

  • Providing counselling to mothers on exclusive breastfeeding, appropriate health care and nutrition 

No mother-to-be should live in fear that she or her baby will not survive birth. Your support will help in improving a mother's chance of surviving pregnancy and childbirth. And her baby stands a better chance of reaching his or her first birthday. That's an amazing gift to give.