The feeling of having a baby changes your life – you start planning everything to welcome the little bundle of joy in your life.

However, to this day more than 30 babies per 1000 live births die in India within the first 28 days of being born. Many women in India are experiencing complications during childbirth – with no assurances that their baby will survive. Will you help save their lives?

CARE India’s is implementing Integrated Family Health Initiative (IFHI) in 38 districts in Bihar, directly impacting the lives of more than 40 million people.

Our work includes.

  • Intensive onsite clinical mentoring of nurses and doctors to improve clinical management in intranatal, postnatal and contraceptive services.

  • Mobile Nurse Mentoring (MNMT) & Mobile Doctor Mentoring (MDMT) Training

  • Mobile Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) Vans to increase the access to quality IUCD services in remote areas

  • Focused interventions for improving identification and care of low birth weight babies

The IFHI is aimed at improving maternal, newborn, and child health and nutrition outcomes through better availability, quality and uptake of key family health services.

No mother-to-be should live in fear that she or her baby will not survive birth. And your support will help us ensure that a mother does not have to go through the pain of losing her baby.