March 15, 2023 Latest@CARE

Disseminating Key Learnings from Holistic Rural Development Programme – P0321 project in Patan

CARE India organised a dissemination workshop on 15th March 2023 in Patan, Chhattisgarh with the support of HDFC Bank Parivartan to widely disseminate the key findings and learnings from its HRDP (Holistic Rural Development Programme) P0321 project.

Project achievements in 20 adopted villages were presented by the project team and beneficiaries, and experience sharing was done by rural champions.

Shri Ashish Varma, OSD, Patan, Chhattisgarh was the chief guest of the workshop, which was attended by HDFC bank officers, representatives from various government departments, teachers, students, awardee entrepreneurs, PRI members of the villages, SHG members, and more than 220 farmers.

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