June 26, 2018

One in three internet users in the world is a child, making children more and more susceptible to the dangers lurking in the dark corners of the web. The dark web is a big area of concern. Here unprotected social media profiles, child sexual abuse sites and online game forums are preying grounds for offenders who tend to be anonymous. Around 81% of Indian children aged between 8 to 16 years are active on social media networks and 22% of them are bullied online. In a country where 800 million people will be using the internet by 2020, the online safety of children becomes more crucial than ever.

As per online safety advisory website knowthenet, Facebook tops the list of sites that children sign up on underaged, with 52% of 8 to 16-year olds admitting that they ignored the official age limit. The ubiquitous presence of mobile devices, UNICEF report notes has made online access less supervised and potentially more dangerous.

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