Kanya Sampoorna

The multi-sectoral project acknowledges issues like newborn and maternal health, early child development, girl leadership, skill-building, and others.

The project reaches out to people aged 0-35 years by carrying out age-appropriate interventions on health, education, and livelihood, focused on the girl child and aimed at systemic and lasting change. A child’s development starts in the womb, however, when mothers are young, unhealthy, and lack the awareness about breastfeeding, it results in weak children. Even when they grow up, they do not have access to learning platforms as most Anganwadi centres are dilapidated and leak even after a short spell of rain. Many children remain out of school and do not have enough funds to afford a private school.

CARE India implements Kanya Sampurna Project (KSP) in partnership with Titan Company Limited in the Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu and reaches out to 27,856 people in 40 of 160 villages in Kattumannarkoil and Keerapalayam blocks to address the root causes of these challenges.

Our Activities:

  • The project interventions ensured regular preschool education in 161 Anganwadi centres.
  • Supporting Anganwadi workers to conduct regular monthly mothers meeting at the centres to educate 5,347 women on basic pre- and post-natal services.
  • Improving facilities at 30 Anganwadi centres to become Model Anganwadi Centres.
  • The school interventions trained 133 primary school teachers on Early Grade Reading besides developing resource materials, print-rich materials, and teaching aids to help teachers improve children’s reading competency in Tamil.
  • The project has set up 60 community libraries to help children and adolescent girls access the library in villages where there are no reading facilities.
  • The project formed 91 adolescent collectives to reach 1,921 girls and build their leadership capacities and career planning skills.
  • Two Life Skill Centres were set up to provide employment training, job, skill referrals, and entrepreneurship training to over 5,751 young women.
  • The team started conducting pre-schooling activities at the household and village level, and trained interested preschool mothers, since Anganwadi centres were closed since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic.


  • 8,091 girls completed and continued their studies beyond class 10th grade.
  • The project has improved the learning outcomes of 28,637 girls.
  • 1,527 girls got the job, and 1,167 young women set up their businesses.
  • 5,024 children participated and benefitted from early childhood care and education intervention.
  • Immediate breastfeeding of the newborn increased to 91%.

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