Concurrent Measurement and Learning

An independent team of experts and field staff who collect and analyze the program data for strategic planning inputs.

The backbone of the programme is by providing evidence of pace and direction of programme inputs through monitoring and evaluation of process and outputs. The concurrent outcome measurement entails output and outcome data which is sample-based and concurrent for quick turn-around.

Concurrent Measurement and Learning provides actionable evidence to program eco-system for sustainable and scalable programming through evidence-based program management. This is aimed towards making the system more data-hungry and data-savvy so that the appetite and capacity of data usage are built into the system to culminate into data-driven decision-making without further catalysis.

Our Approach

Data collection & management

Data analysis
  • Triangulation with the program monitoring data
  • Contextualization with the program narrative to build the complete story
  • Co-positioned with the theory of change & level of effort

Addressing feedback

Further sharing

Planning & designing

Need Assessment

Discussions with SRU/GOB, Program team/Other stakeholders

Generation of narration including:

  • Program priorities
  • Rationale & context
  • Level of effort
  • Expectations

Our Activities

  • Web platform for fast data collection, collation, real-time access & monitoring
  • Robust, fast data analytics platform hardcoded with preformed codes
  • Sharing data to all stakeholders
  • Track Implementation Effectiveness
  • Tracking outcomes of specific solution/package of interventions
  • Determining the associations between levels of effort and observed outcomes
  • Identifying the predictors and barriers for success
  • To generate insights to inform interventions by analysing existing data/information and by conducting new studies


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