Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn Child plus Adolescent Health

Focusing on Maternal and New-Born Child Health by providing dedicated clinical care to new mothers and pre-mature and weak new-borns at health facilities.

Maternal and new-born child health form a core area of CARE India’s intervention. The Apatkalin Matritva evam Navjat Shishu Tatparta (AMANAT) programme was conceived as a pilot and upscaled to provide on-site clinical mentoring support to nurses and doctors based on novel approaches of simulation, roleplay, and on-site handholding to enhance delivery related technical skills, and competency to identify and manage complications. Upscaling the facility services, adoption of new-born care practices and protocols with increased follow-up through facility staff and front-line workers through home-based new-born care, are the key functions of this mandate.

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