Adopting Environment-Friendly Cooking Solutions

Facilitating the adoption of Improved Cook Stoves among marginalised households

The project aims to address the challenges associated with the use of traditional cookstoves with solid biomass by the communities staying in and around Bengaluru, Karnataka. These migrant families mostly survive on daily wages through construction labour and more than 80% live in completely unelectrified settlements that have very little or absolutely no access to basic amenities. Cooking in these areas is done by using traditional three stones and mud stoves, which emit a lot of smoke that irritates the eyes and is hazardous to the health of the family members.

The overall goal is to promote the transition of sustainable adoption of Improved Cook Stove (ICS) as a clean energy solution among 5,000 households (20,000 individuals) within a period of 36 months. CARE India has initiated this project with support from Cadence India.

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