Bachat - Improved Cook Stoves

Enabling Households to Switch from Traditional Cooking Stoves and Fuels to Clean Alternatives

Sustainable Household Energy (SHE) Schools have been started to empower and enable communities to make good management decisions around the clean energy transitions, encourages and supports a culture of learning and adaptation. Each SHE School has membership of around 20-25 women coming from one or two Self Help Groups (SHG) in the village.

Women who cook on these chulhas are completely oblivious of the ill effects of these stoves. The smoke emitted from these chulhas do not bother them in most cases, as they look at it as something which subsides with time, and most of the rural women have grown up seeing their mothers experiencing this smoke every day. But the fact is, that it is silent killer which affects the children too as they accompany their mothers in the kitchen.
CARE India is promoting the use of Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) as a clean energy and sustainable solution among slum/village dwellers households. It emits far less smoke, uses less firewood and is good for the environment.

This transition aims to reduce the intake of CO2 emissions generated by traditional stoves, leading to improved health outcomes. The specific goal of the project is to promote the transition of sustainable adoption of over 50,000 traditional cookstove dependent households to clean energy options, through a combination of capacity building, collectivisation, market development, and multi-stakeholder engagement actions.

Our Activities

  • Increasing awareness and adoption of ICS or any other clean energy options by women from TCDHs.
  • Empowering women from TCDHs to take an informed decision to transition to ICS and any other alternate clean cooking option.
  • Improving sensitivity and responsiveness of men and key ICS supply chain stakeholders and financial products service providers to cater to the needs of women for appropriate cooking solutions.
  • Enhancing a strong and inclusive ICS value chain (VC).
  • Promoting a market-led and women-centric ICS transition to clean energy advocated for large-scale dissemination and replication.


  • The project has reached over 1,75,000 people in four states (Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka).

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