SHE Feeds the World

Empowering Smallholder Women Farmers

CARE’s SHE feeds the world framework works to fulfil the rights to food security and nutrition for women and youth small-scale producers and their families. It is built on our 70 years of experience, in promoting an integrative approach to food and nutrition security, that not only promotes access to critical inputs like water, land, seeds and finance, and access to markets, but also includes an explicit focus on nutrition, safety nets and social protection in times of crisis, and puts women’s empowerment at the heart of everything we do.


Productive (including profitable & nutrion-sensitive)



Multiplying Impact


Gender Equality and Women’s Voice

Inclusive Governance

Advocacy & Influencing for scale

Partnerships & Platforms

Evidence & Learning

Innovation & Research


Secure and Resilient Livelihoods for Smallholders (SRL)

Promoting more secure and resilient livelihoods for poor smallholder/forest fringe households from 21 villages in Surat and ensuring their productive and equitable participation in a sustainable agriculture-livestock production system.

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