Providing a life of dignity and security to the waste picker community

The project aims to reach 4,000 waste pickers in Bengaluru to provide them secured and dignified alternative livelihood options. Waste pickers are one of the most marginalised sections of the society who are often deprived from social and economic equality.

With the support from H&M Foundation, the overall goal of the project is to ensure that waste pickers have secured and dignified alternative livelihood options leading to an improved quality of life.

Our Activities

  • Enhancing the life skills, employability readiness, and entrepreneurial skills of the waste pickers for better exit opportunities.
  • Promoting and strengthening effective and efficient collectives of waste pickers, especially women, for a sustainable exit.
  • Facilitating waste pickers’ access to relevant resources, schemes, services, opportunities, and entitlements specific to entrepreneurship and employment for exit options.
  • Engaging with key ecosystem actors to facilitate the exit of waste pickers.

Connect with Us

Corporate and Registered Office

Module No. 411, 4th Floor, NSIC-MDBP Building
Okhla Industrial Estate, New Delhi – 110020 (INDIA)