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CARE and CARGILL have had a multiple decade long partnership and helped more than 100,000 people to improve their livelihoods at the global level. In India, the Cargill/CARE partnership has had 3 projects:

o   KLEAP (Kutch Livelihood and Education Advancement Project) have worked to improve the quality and accessibility of primary education for more than 40,000 children, while promoting economic opportunities and increased incomes for 9,000 rural families with a focus on addressing underlying cause of poverty in the Kutch District of Gujarat. The project is closed.

o   Madhya Pradesh Nutrition Project (MPNP) aimed to reduce child malnutrition and help break the cycle of nutritional deficiency in three districts (Chhatarpur, Tikamgarh and Panna) of Bundelkhand region in India’s Madhya Pradesh state. The three-year project is expected to benefit 134,318 children under six years of age, 37,045 adolescent girls, 12,058 pregnant women and 12,991 nursing mothers. The project has been extended till May 2017.

o   Pathways initiative in India is one of the six country-based initiatives under the global Pathways program and it was co-funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation& Cargill.

The goal is to better the lives of poor women farmers by increasing their opportunities while addressing their social, economic and environmental constraints in agriculture. The project has been extended till August 2017.

CARE India and Cargill India again collaborated in Jan 2017, for a project in Bhatinda, Punjab to Ensure Early Childhood Care, Health and Economic Empowerment of Women Smallholders, Landless Workers and Adolescents.

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