CARE India is a registered Section 8 company in India and a member of CARE confederation present in 100 countries, which works with the most marginalised women and girls to alleviate poverty and reduce social injustice through comprehensive programmes in health, education, livelihoods and humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation.
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  • Clean and Environment Friendly Cooking Solutions for Urban/Village Slum Dwellers

    Clean and Environment Friendly Cooking Solutions for Urban/Village Slum Dwellers

    Globally approximately 3 billion people cook using polluting open fires or simple stoves fueled by kerosene, biomass and coal. Also every year, close to 4 million people die prematurely from illness attributable to household air pollution from inefficient cooking practices. CARE India, with HCL Foundation as funding partner, is working for Clean and Environment Fri... Read More

  • Udaan- Special Residential Learning for out-of-school girls

    Udaan- Special Residential Learning for out-of-school girls

    Udaan is a flagship project by CARE India. The project supports accelerated learning of out of school adolescent girls (aged 10-14 years), so the girls acquire primary level learning competencies in numeracy and literacy and develop leadership ability to negotiate and continue their learning. Udaan supports adolescent girls in one academic cycle in a residential set u... Read More

  • Kerala Flood Response 2018

    Kerala Flood Response 2018

    In July 2018, Kerala received heavier than usual rain leading to severe floods across the state and landslides in the mountainous districts of Idukki and Wayanad. In addition, out of 54 dams in Kerala, heavy rains caused 35 dams to release excess water, adding to the increased water levels. Agricultural lands were destroyed, crops were submerged underwater, and hug... Read More

  • Khushaal Madhepura

    Khushaal Madhepura

    The Khushaal Madhepura Project is implemented by CARE in 7 villages of Madhepura district in Bihar. This project uses a multi-sectoral approach while working on the verticals of Livelihood and Health in order to bring about positive changes in the lives of children, adolescents and youth.CARE India has been helping to enhance the skills of young men (above 16 years of... Read More

  • Elimination of Kala Azar – BTSP

    Elimination of Kala Azar – BTSP

    Kala Azar (Visceral Leishmaniasis or VL) is a neglected tropical disease that is almost always fatal if left untreated. It spreads through the bite of a sandfly, and disproportionately affects the poorest and most vulnerable communities. People living with HIV are over 100 to 2,320 times more likely to contract Kala Azar in areas of endemicity, and patien... Read More

  • Newborn Survival – BTSP

    Newborn Survival – BTSP

    About 7.5 lakh newborn babies die every year in India, the highest for any country in the world. The first 28 days in the lives of newborn babies, also known as the neonatal period, are the most precarious days, carrying the highest risk of death. Yet, their health did not receive the commensurate attention, till a decade ago. As a result, the neonatal mortality rate ... Read More

  • Family Planning – BTSP

    Family Planning – BTSP

    There is an unmet need among married women in Bihar, between the ages of 15 to 24 years, for family planning, especially for spacing births. With child marriage still highly prevalent, the average age of girls who get married before hitting adulthood is 16 years, however, the median age of women who start using contraceptive is 25 years. There is a need for modern spa... Read More

  • Maternal Health – BTSP

    Maternal Health – BTSP

    In India, maternal health has always been an issue of great concern. Maternal health indicators vary based on rural-urban distribution patterns, rich and poor socio-economic status and level of education and availability of health services in different states. Uttar Pradesh (U.P) and Bihar are the least performing states in the health front, according to a NITI Aayog ... Read More

  • Climate Change Adaptation of women smallholders and Cotton Producers from Vidarbha region, India (CCACP)

    Climate Change Adaptation of women smallholders and Cotton Producers from Vidarbha region, India (CCACP)

    CCACP is promoting adaptation of environmentally sound, climate-resilient and inclusive agricultural practices among women smallholders and cotton producers of the Vidarbha region for strengthening solidarity and promoting gender equity. This project will enhance the knowledge and skills of women smallholders belonging to poor and vulnerable households to encourage th... Read More

  • Improved Agriculture and Inclusive Dairy Value Chain Promotion (IAIDVC)

    Improved Agriculture and Inclusive Dairy Value Chain Promotion (IAIDVC)

    IAIDVC focusses on the economic empowerment of women smallholders and workers to achieve the goal of long term development in 59 villages of the Jambusar block, Bharuch district in Gujarat. It promotes and assists in creating access to quality technology, market and resources, as well as the formation of Self Help Groups (SHGs). This will enhance the income and produc... Read More

  • Response Efforts in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

    Response Efforts in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe

    On March 14, 2019, Mozambique was hit by the tropical Cyclone Idai with wind speeds of over 125 mph. In the next few days, the cyclone wreaked havoc in Malawi and Zimbabwe as well. The death toll is expected to reach 1000, while 2.6 million people have been affected. Initial reports indicate significant damage to houses and buildings, including to health facilities an... Read More

  • Women+Water


    The garment industry is one of the largest employers of women workers. Despite their large numbers in the workforce, relatively few female workers have the opportunity to advance their career, and many lack access to the education and skills training they need to support their personal and professional growth. Women face several structural barriers throughout their li... Read More

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