MAITRI: Safe And Secure Education For Girls

Maitri: Regional Advocacy on safe and secure education


Poor safety and security conditions, within the school environment and while accessing schools, hamper the participation of children, especially of girls, in education. This is illustrated in poor retention and transition rates for girls as compared to boys. This is true for two neighboring countries India and Nepal in the South Asian region.

Through this intervention, GEP seeks to advocate for providing safe and secure education, especially to adolescent girls from socially marginalized communities, in the entire Southeast Asian region, beginning with India and Nepal. The aim is to influence governments in India and Nepal to strengthen existing legislations and education authorities to make necessary provisions to increase their commitment towards the issues of safety and security in education and initiate a discourse on the issue in both public and targeted domains. The project will strengthen the non-negotiable for a conducive learning environment for girls and empower adolescent girls to identify and reflect on issues and take actions on them. Thus, it will directly work with the sample impact population and impact the overall policy and systemic environment.

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