Scale Up Of VL Control Activities
Scale Up of VL Control Activities

Scale Up Of VL Control Activities

Scale Up Of VL Control Activities

In collaboration with the Bihar and Jharkhand state Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme, CARE India scaled up the project to fight Kala Azar or Visceral Leishmaniosis (VL), a neglected tropical disease affecting the most marginalised communities.

CARE India is providing strategic leadership and implement the scale up VL control activities across the states, backed by a highly-skilled program support team at state and divisional level with experience in finance, human resources, and administration management.

CARE India assists in direct techno-managerial support to the management and monitoring of IRS; implementation of a rigorous Health Management Information System (HMIS) that  yields real time incidence data by geography;  management of early case finding and tracking, including accurate diagnosis and treatment, mainly in public facilities across all affected areas ; and helping to incorporate best practices related to these actions within the state’s program management systems.

In addition, sustainability of elimination is also enhanced by adopting rational strategies for sustenance by the states and the central Government by the end of the project period. CARE India is working across key departments and ministries and provides technical assistance in the areas of program management, quality assurance, human resources, procurement and supply, financial and performance management, and demand creation.



  • After a new chemical compound and pump for Kala Azar for spraying was found effective, there was substantial decline in reported cases, and 75% of Bihar’s 534 blocks achieved their elimination
    targets in 2016.