Technical Assistance to DAY-NRLM

Technical Assistance to DAY-NRLM

Technical Assistance to DAY-NRLM

With the financial support from BMGF, CARE India has provided technical assistance to the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) initiated by the Ministry of Rural Development to utilize this opportunity to encourage perspective building, strategy development, and provide planning and training support to integrate health, nutrition, and social inclusion with the activities of NRLM. This project has resulted in the  integration of health and nutrition actions in the annual plans, capacity building of NRLM staff to transact content related to health, nutrition, and social inclusion in SHGs along with undertaking associated actions.

CARE India facilitated changes with technical assistance, which have been well accepted and appreciated by the NRLM and the Ministry of Rural Development. It has gained significant understanding of the NRLM structures and mechanisms and has also gained a nuanced understanding on how available levers within the NRLM can be used to maximize the outcomes from an external investment focused on engagement with leadership of NRLM and SRLMs. With the help of these inputs CARE has been able to collaborating with some State Rural Livelihood Missions. The existing partnership between NRLM and CARE India will form a foundation to provide support in strategic areas such as health, nutrition and gender integration at the SHG platform level as a part of the NRLM’s principles of Dashasutri.


  • Supports government missions at national and state levels and works with community platforms and collectives to promote behaviour change.
  • Conducts social analysis and implements gender-based strategies based on a deep understanding of social barriers.
  • CARE India is well positioned to extend TA commensurate NRLM’s core mandate of poverty alleviation because of its experience across various sectors such as health, nutrition, gender, and livelihood.