Build transitional shelters for people whose houses have been completely damaged by disasters and reconstruct affected buildings by integrating disaster risk reduction features.

CARE India’s Recovery initiative works to repair/ rebuild disaster-affected dwellings to create safe living conditions for affected people. The repair and reconstruction work for damaged buildings is undertaken by employing modern disaster-mitigation features to increase their resilience. Women are made an integral part of the rebuilding activities, to create new job opportunities for households who have lost their livelihood. CARE India also encourages women to jointly own the reconstructed property to reduce the gender gap in their community.

Our Approach

  • Increasing access to safe shelter and knowledge on disaster resilient construction practices
  • Masons’ Training
  • Repair of community centres
  • Study and research on best sustainable practices
  • Provision of seeds and tools
  • Provision of livestock
  • Grain bank
  • Cash for work
  • Unconditional cash transfer
  • Provision of clean delivery kits
  • Awareness
  • Repair and installation of raised handpumps
  • Increasing access to basic toilet & bathing spaces and improved awareness on safe hygiene practices among women and girls
  • Demonstration of community- based solid and liquid waste management
  • Cleaning of wells and debris
  • Cash for work
  • Community based early warning system
  • Provision of supplies to community centers
  • Provision of play material to AWCs
  • Formation and strengthening of SMCs
  • Development of knowledge products

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