Help us empower her with knowledge and get tax deduction on your donation

At CARE India, we believe that educating a girl can bring about lasting change in the lives of the entire community.

Even today, there are 5 Million young girls from marginalized communities who are out of school for whom their dreams and aspirations are a distant reality.  Patriarchy, economic conditions and outdated ideologies that prefer educating a male child over a female are a few of the barriers to a girl getting educated.  

CARE India’s education program UDAAN (Flight) provides an opportunity to never-enrolled or early drop-out adolescent girls the chance to receive a fifth-grade education in just 11 months, where they learn through an accelerated curriculum in a residential setting. Most of them go on to study in government schools from Class 6 onwards. Our proven curriculum has helped over 2,50,000 adolescent girls thereby giving flight to their dreams of becoming a teacher, lawyer, doctor or banker.

Donating to CARE India not only help a girl go to school, receive an education, and overcome poverty, it also brings you a sense of great happiness at having done a noble deed and avails you 50% tax exemption under section 80 G!

Consider making a tax deductible donation and help little girls fulfill their dreams.

Tax amount,
if 80G is not claimed
Tax amount,
if 80G is claimed
Tax saving by availing benifit u/s 80G
Tax on Taxable Income

Donation made u/s 80G
50% deduction allowed
u/s 80G
Tax amount after deduction made
Tax Saved


400,000 13,390 25,000 12,500 12,103 1,287
600,000 46,350 50,000 25,000 41,200 5,150
1,200,00 190,550 100,000 50,000 175,100 15,450

* This is just an indicative grid and actual tax saving would vary as per income levels and tax slabs as per Income Tax laws.

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