STEM Laboratories

Building the capacity of teachers to encourage girls to pursue STEM

Our STEM education projects are designed with the goal of building ‘thinking skills’ that equip children with the ability to quickly learn and adapt. We have successfully integrated key thinking skills like ‘research skills’ and ‘problem-solving skills’ within the curricular scope in our projects like the Teacher Resource Laboratory project (TRL) in Uttar Pradesh and Innovator’s Laboratory in Bengaluru.

For generations, girls have been discouraged from pursuing studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), which help them to develop a logical and analytical bent of mind. They have been kept at home and denied opportunities for education in favour of household chores and sibling-rearing.

Our Activities:

  • Enabling teachers with adequate support in the form of Teachers’ Resource Laboratories (TRLs) and allied infrastructure, experiment table, books, Science and Math kits and other aids.
  • To address learning losses arising due to school lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic, we use customised STEM learning resources which include self-directed worksheets, mini, STEM kits, and educational videos.
  • Establishing specialised laboratories equipped with experiential learning equipment, reference material, and digital devices to serve as STEM learning centres for middle school children and educators.
  • Adolescent girls require intensive and structured support to be groomed as innovators and future social change makers. To achieve this CARE India has designed school based and community-based projects aimed at building in adolescent girls the necessary knowledge, skills and aptitudes, and emotional resilience to help them engage with societal challenges as leaders.
  • In the past, our Girls’ Leadership Model has shown to accelerate positive impact on girls’ ability to make decisions to improve their life and of others, while projects working to build STEM skills and aptitudes have also shown to improve science and mathematical skills and outcomes of adolescents.


  • Our STEM laboratories impacted more than 7,000 children and more than 200 educators in the year 2019-2020 through our projects in Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh.
  • Children in 4,500+ schools and special training centres across 6 states benefited through 11 education projects.
  • Girls were provided leadership platforms through strengthened capacities of KGBV and upper primary school teachers in Nuh and Palwal districts of Haryana.

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