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Raju Mishra
Pillars of Change

Raju Mishra

Raju Mishra

Raju Mishra from Madhya Pradesh’s Chhaikua village has become a role model for the entire community by breaking gender stereotypes.

It was during one of the gender sensitization workshops organized by CARE India’s Madhya Pradesh Nutrition Project team in his village, when Raju realized how excessive workload on women could have serious repercussions on their health.

Raju woke up early next morning and headed to the village hand pump to fetch water for the first time, and that too on an empty stomach. The moment he lifted the filled bucket, Raju experienced severe stomach cramps. It took him more than three days of rest and medicines to recover.

Having now experienced how women suffer from similar pain, and yet are forced to work every day, Raju now regularly helps his wife with household chores. Inspired by Raju, men fetching water in the village has become a common sight today.

“I want men to appreciate the amount of effort women put in while doing household chores. My mission is to make every man understand that lending a helping hand is the least we can do” – Raju Mishra