Seema Yadav
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Seema Yadav

Seema Yadav

Seema Yadav, grew up in Koniya village, Bahraich Block, Uttar Pradesh. The villagers are deeply entrenched in gender stereotypes, with a firm belief that girls ought to stay at home and only do household chores.

It was during a walk to the market one day, when Seema along with her father passed the Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalya (KGBV) near her village. Realizing that girls can stay and study at KGBVs for free, Seema convinced her father to send her to school. Although she had completed her primary education till Class IV from her village, the quality of education imparted was such that Seema could not read or write properly. Seema fought against many odds to join KGBV which was supported by CARE India through curriculum design and teachers training among other interventions. Seema is the first girl from her village of 800 families, to get a quality education.

Today, Seema is more than just a student- she is now a dietician for her parents and teacher for her mother, siblings, as well as 12 other girls from her village. Above all, she is a role model for every girl from her community.

“From not knowing how to read, to being a teacher for 12 other girls from the village, I am proud of what I have been able to achieve. Now I want to ensure that every girl also gets the opportunity I got” – Seema Yadav

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