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Ensuring that children aged between 3-10 years, in the most marginalised communities, get a fair chance to acquire the essential learning skills like reading comprehension, writing ability, numeracy, English speaking, emotional stability, and gender sensitivity during their foundation years.

The Strong Foundation initiative uses innovative and scalable solutions to help develop strong foundational learning skills like reading comprehension, writing ability, numeracy, and English speaking and critical abilities like self-expression, social-emotional intelligence, cognition, creativity, and gender sensitivity among children aged between 3-10 years living in the most marginalised geographies of India.

Our Approach


Kanya Sampoorna

The Kanya Sampoorna Project is a multi-thematic intervention through Heath, Education and Livelihoods, focused on the girl child, and aims at systemic and lasting change.

Development for the child starts in the womb. However, the mothers are young women whose health is critical for their own well-being, as well as the healthy development of the child. Given this situation, the project first focuses on health and nutrition inputs to the pregnant and lactating mothers, and moves on to ensuring early childhood care.

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