10 Year Anniversary of 2004 Tsunami

On 26th December, a pleasant winter morning by the seaside suddenly turned into a bad dream for hundreds of thousands. An earthquake hit the bottom of the Indian Ocean. It created what came to be known as the Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004. Travelling at over 500 kilometres per hour, the tsunami waves reached the Indian coast within 2 hours of the earthquake.
A total of 2,27, 898 people lost their lives, in India alone 647,599 people were displaced from their homes and communities. It was one of the worst disasters ever. But disasters do not simply go away after making a sudden impact. They leave a footprint of destruction and a plethora of problems. Almost a million survivors faced a new hard reality. Most of them did not have food nor a place to sleep in. On top of that, the survivors also lost their means of livelihood. It was a dire situation and called for a concerted and big humanitarian effort. That’s where CARE stepped in. Our relief distribution system reached 20,000 families. We developed 320 self-help groups and 20 livelihood federations to enable the people to help themselves and their communities. CARE India also imparted education to 3,600 women.
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10 years have passed since the 2004 tsunami but our efforts are still bearing fruits. We salute the resilience of tsunami survivors. Their courage has complemented the results of our engagement.
This is the 10th anniversary of Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. Those who lost their lives are in our thoughts. Those who survived and fought against the odds to develop and nurture a new life have earned our respect. In our association with these bravehearts, we have learnt a lot. We continue to strive to support and aid disaster affected populations.