An accelerated residential learning programme for out-of-school girls

Project Udaan, which literally means ‘flight’ is a part of CARE India’s efforts to ensure education for girls of marginalised groups. We have run Udaan project in the states of Bihar (Madhubani) Uttar Pradesh (Hardoi district), Orissa (Mayurbhanj district) and Haryana (Mewat district near Delhi) to provide accelerated learning opportunity to out-of-school girls in the age group 11-14 years who have either dropped out of schools or never enrolled in a school.

The risk of adolescent girls dropping out of education is heightened by the gaps in government school infrastructure, especially when they are entering puberty. Teaching and Learning materials and textbooks for students, especially in vernacular languages and the mother tongue, are inadequate.

Our Activities

  • CARE team has designed self-instructional “personal wellbeing workbooks” that allow girls to reflect, record, and manage their behaviours.
  • The curriculum and transaction approach is unique to Udaan, keeping the concerns of equity and quality of education as the intervention’s core component and is enriched with IT support in teaching methods and lesson plans; as such it constitutes a model of accelerated learning.
  • Udaan gives underprivileged girls an opportunity to break through the vicious cycle of illiteracy and complete class 5-level primary education in a period of 11 months.
  • During the pandemic focus has been creating an ecosystem in the community for continued education of children in a safe and secure environment where their learning and socio-emotional needs are dealt with.
  • Our focus has been on mobilising parents for sending their children regularly to community learning centres, empowering SMCs, and PRIs to mobilise community, and provide support in identification of a safe space for learning and maintaining safety protocols in the centres and in the community at large.
  • Teacher capacity building has also been in focus to prepare them for delivering education using various tech enabled platforms especially to the children in upper primary grades to teach science and maths.
  • We are working closely with systems to ensure all children especially girls are back to schools, safe reopening of schools, and supporting and handholding teachers, education system in bridging the learning gap of children in foundational stage for next one year.


  • Our projects with adolescents employ a community based as well as school- based approach to building critical 21st century skills that equip the girls to negotiate for their rights and become decision makers.
  • We have ensured continued learning of children especially in remote and rural areas where penetration of online education has been a challenge.
  • Our projects reach more than 3000 girls across varied contexts (from urban slums to remote villages) through community based as well as school-based intervention strategies.

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