COVID - 19 Response

‘Dukhini’ in Bengali means someone’s life full of sadness and misery. Perhaps parents of Dukhini Mahato of Jargo village of Purulia’s Jhalda Block, West Bengal chose her name when she was born blind. Not surprisingly, her life has been a continuous struggle.

In an intimate conversation with Dukhini, now 72, she shared her journey over the years. Her parents died when she was young and she had to take over the responsibility of the entire family. Over the years she ensured that both her siblings are well settled and married. She sacrificed her own happiness by never thinking of her own marriage.

Time has not been kind to her. She had to sell off the ancestral property to arrange for the treatment of her brother who had addiction problems. And once her brother had his own family, he refused to take up the responsibility of looking after his sister, who raised him to be the capable man he is today!

Dukhini survives on the old age allowance provided by the government. Sunubala Mahato, her niece looks after her. However, Shunubala along with her husband was forced to leave the village in search of work. The lockdown due to the Covid 19 crisis forced them back and they are farming on a small plot of land to supplement the meagre income. Things were getting more and more difficult.

In these circumstances, Purulia District Agragami Mahila o Sisu Mangal Samiti (PDAMSMS), a local NGO, recognized her vulnerable state, and arranged for a dry ration kit in collaboration with CARE India and Coca Cola. Dukhini was elated with the contents of the kit and said, “These food materials are of great help. We do not need to worry about food for the next month, maybe more.”


During COVID – 19 crisis, Coca-Cola and CARE India provided dry-ration kits with meticulously curated food items to meet specific nutritional needs of various marginalised groups such as migrant workers, daily wage earners and people living with HIV/AIDS across various parts of the country. The three-month-long programme benefited over 1.5 lakh people.

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Posted By : CARE India Team
Location : Jhalda Block, West Bengal