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26Oct 2018

Why are our girls not in school?

India ranks first among countries with the most number of child brides. There is an intrinsic bias when it comes to our girl children, many of whom never get a formal education. The 21st century is here, and the world is making earth-shattering progress, but women...

24Oct 2018

How can institutions enable women in STEM achieve their full potential

40% of India’s population consists of youth and every year 12 million people become eligible for joining the workforce. Women’s labour force participation has, however, declined. Women also earn less. This is partly because of gender stereotypes and low expectations that keep girls...

22Oct 2018

Postpartum Care is Not Limited to Newborns – 9 Things Mothers Should Keep in Mind!

Childbirth is a critical time for a mother and her baby. Marked by strong emotional and physical changes, and adjustment to new roles and responsibilities, the postpartum period begins an hour after the delivery and continues for six weeks. Women’s needs during this period are often overshadowed by the attention given to the newborn. This can be seen in the fact that most