Empowering Girl Child Through Education

Empowering marginalized girls through quality education and leadership skills

CARE India’s ‘Girl Education Program’ (GEP) has been working for 25 years to ensure quality elementary education for children, especially girls and those from marginalized communities, to help them become the leaders and changemakers of the future. We see education as an imperative tool for girls to realize their maximum potential by gaining crucial skills and dispositions that set them on the path of social and economic empowerment.

Our girls education programmes and projects in India work through building learning ecosystems that are inclusive, gender conscious, and safe for all. We work with various stakeholders to champion the importance of girl child education and mobilize resources through online donations in India and other strategies. Our education initiatives work in accordance with the Right to Education Act (2009) and National Education Policy 2020.

Strong Foundation

Align with FLN Mission and Universalization of Early Childhood Care Education objective of NEP

Goal : Build pathways that bring student to school and ensure students learn at schools

Innovators and Change Maker

Align with NEPs objective of developing 21st Century skills in adolescents

Goal: Support adolescents to develop skills required for innovation, problem solving and leadership

System Strengthening

  • Teacher capacity building
  • Monitoring mechanism
  • Learning trackers
  • Content

Community Level Engagement

  • Community volunteers
  • Self learning kits
  • Community learning centres/libraries

Strategic Partnerships

  • Advocacy consortium
  • Knowledge sharing partnerships
  • Partnerships for research
  • Gender Equality
  • Safety and Security of Children
  • Social and Emotional Wellbeing of Children

Major Achievements


schools across 7 states benefitted through 15 projects


women and girls reached out with the specific focus for ensuring gender equality and empowerment.


children, including 71,554 girls reached out with quality education

82 girls

likely to discontinue education were helped in pursuing safe and secure education by the Saksham project

Focus Areas

Key Programmes

Mathew Cherian

Kanya Sampoorna

Kanya Sampoorna

The Kanya Sampoorna Project is a multi-thematic intervention through Heath, Education and Livelihoods.

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Mathew Cherian

STEM Laborataries

STEM Laborataries

Developing key ‘thinking skills’ like research, scientific reasoning and problem solving among adolescents, especially girls.

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Mathew Cherian

Udaan – Providing 21st Century Skills to Girls

Udaan – Providing 21st Century Skills to Girls

Employing a community based and school- based approach to equip adolescent girls from marginalised communities with the essential

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The Project

Start Early: Read in Time is a CARE India Solution for Sustainable Development…

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Girls, Education

The Right to Education Act in India was a major turning point for school education…

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AWWs and Good Practice

The early years a life for a child are considered crucial and critical…

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Frequently Asked Questions

CARE India is an NGO that works for education in India. It’s multi-faceted ‘Girl Education Program’ (GEP), has been running for 25+ years and is designed to empower those who face multiple marginalization, especially women and girls, improving life opportunities by participating in and benefiting from Education.

NGOs help in girl child education by:

  • Working to strengthen the education system through teacher capacity building, monitoring mechanisms, learning trackers, and content curation.
  • Community level engagement through working with community volunteers, providing self-learning kits, and running community learning centres & libraries.
  • Building strategic partnerships to drive advocacy, knowledge sharing, and research.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play an indispensable role in promoting and supporting education in India. Some of the key roles that NGOs play in education include:

  • Providing access to education
  • Improving the quality of education
  • Supporting research and data analysis
  • Advocating for education
  • Providing financial support

NGOs play an important role in promoting education through a range of interventions that are designed to address the different barriers to education that exist in different communities. These include:

  • Providing educational resources and materials
  • Teacher training
  • Building and renovating schools
  • Scholarships and financial support
  • Community engagement
  • Advocacy and policy work

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