In the realm of women’s health and childcare, healthcare NGOs like CARE India are making a significant impact. One such initiative is the Khushi Project in Balrampur, Uttar Pradesh, which focuses on quality preschool education and women’s health programs. The Khushi Programme, an initiative by CARE India, is supported by BioMérieux. This blog shares some of the success stories from the programme’s first year.

1. Transformation of AWC Kalandarpur

The Khushi Project, a leading women’s health programme, has brought about a remarkable transformation in the Anganwadi Centre (AWC) of Kalandarpur. Initially, the centre was in a deplorable state, with the building being used for open defecation. However, with the persistent efforts of the project team and community involvement, the centre was cleaned, refurbished, and is now a bustling hub for children’s education.


2. AWC Pilibhit: Cleaner and Safer

Healthcare NGOs like CARE India are not just about healthcare; they also focus on creating safe environments for children. The Pilibhit AWC, located next to a highway, was a safety concern for the children. The Khushi Programme, with community involvement, managed to renovate the building, install a boundary wall, and ensure a safer space for the children.


3. AWC Amarahwa – A Road to Joy

The Khushi Programme, one of the best NGO initiatives in Delhi, has also made a significant impact in Amarahwa. The project team and community members worked together to build a brick-paved road to the AWC, ensuring easy access for all children.


4. AWC Jyonar: Mohini comes at last!

The Jyonar AWC saw a significant change when a shy girl named Mohini started attending the centre regularly. The Khushi Project team made several home visits and used various resources to encourage Mohini’s attendance. Now, Mohini is a regular attendee and enjoys her time at the centre.


5. AWC Jyonar: Poonam’s Resolve

Poonam Devi, a proactive woman from Jyonar, has shown remarkable resolve in ensuring a bright future for her daughter, Rani. Despite facing gender discrimination at home, Poonam is determined to break the cycle by sending Rani to the AWC. The Khushi Project, one of the best initiatives from NGOs in India, has supported Poonam in her endeavour.


6. Shraddha Starts School

Seema, mother of 4-year-old Shraddha, was initially sceptical about the benefits of preschool education. However, after witnessing the activities and resources provided by the Khushi Project at the AWC, she now sends Shraddha to the centre every day. Seema is proud to see the positive changes in her daughter.


7. Anshika Makes New Friends

Anshika, a shy girl with a burnt arm, was initially hesitant to attend the Baraipur AWC. However, with the support of the Khushi Project team and the AWC worker, Anshika started attending the centre regularly. The centre’s empathetic environment has helped Anshika make new friends and enjoy her time at the AWC.


About the Programme

The Khushi Programme is a maternal health charity initiative by CARE India, working in 52 villages of Balrampur district for quality preschool education. The programme, supported by BioMérieux, aims to develop the capacity of the Anganwadi workers, helpers, supervisors, and ensure quality in the way the ICDS, particularly preschool education, is implemented. It also addresses issues related to gender discrimination and social exclusion in community engagement activities. To support this cause, you can donate for child health care through online donation in India. Your contribution can help in the holistic development of young children and empower women in these communities.