A girl with a book is a vaccine against poverty
let's send her to school

A girl with a book is a vaccine against poverty

At CARE India, we believe that educating the girl child can bring about lasting change in the lives and livelihoods of the household and the communities they live in.

Even today over 5 million girls who are out of school for whom their dreams and aspirations are a distant reality.

CARE India’s education program UDAAN (Flight) provides an opportunity to never-enrolled or early drop-out adolescent girls the chance to receive a fifth-grade education in just 11 months, where they learn through an accelerated curriculum in a residential setting. Most of them go on to study in government schools from Class 6 onwards. Our proven curriculum has helped over 2,50,000 adolescent girls thereby giving flight to their dreams of becoming a teacher, lawyer, doctor or banker.

Gift a girl a chance to fulfill her dreams. Be an Author of change.



  • INR 2500

    help us meet health and sanitation requirements of 25 girls studying at UDAAN Project

  • INR 5000

    help us set up a small community library

  • INR 10000

    help CARE India support laboratory and library facilities of one UDAAN school

  • Other Amount