You may like to donate for more than one cause

To provide quality education to girls from disadvantaged families

3,000.00 INR

To help reduce malnutrition in children

5,000.00 INR

To provide livelihood oppurtunities to disadvantaged families

5,000.00 INR

To provide survival kits to vulnerable families during disaster

2,500.00 INR

Donate to CARE India

1.00 INR

CARE  India is a non-profit organization. Your donation is liable for tax exemption.

Alternatively, please send your cheque/draft in favour of 'CARE India Solutions for Sustainable Development' to: A-12 Bhilwara Towers, Third Floor, Tower 2, Sector 1, Noida 201301

Financial Details:

Permanent Account Number : AADCC3639H
80G Registration Number : NQ.DIT (E) I 2010-11/ DEL CE 22419 28022011/2595 Dated: 28/2/2011

Kindly note that the above examples are for descriptive purposes only. They illustrate the changes that your donation can make to the lives of entire families, including women and children. CARE India will allocate resources to areas where the need is the greatest.

For any feedback on our fundraising efforts please contact